Should I Buy Or Rent An Air Conditioner?

loaner air cooling system

Are you wondering if you should purchase or rent an air conditioner? If you think you’ll be using an air conditioner more than a couple times a year or throughout the hot summer months, you may be tempted to buy a new AC. Many times the price for renting an AC can be close to the purchase price of a new or used unit, especially after considering various factors.

The average rental price for a window air conditioner, depending on cooling capacity and brand, can range from $100-$150 for a full-summer rental. A new top AC brand can run from a cheap $250 to industrial grade air conditioner over $1000 and all the prices in-between. So if you rent an AC twice a year, you’ve already paid over $200, which is enough to get you a cheap or used air conditioner. It’s therefore easy to see why you may frown on air conditioner rental service and opt to buy a new unit.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns or Failures with Air Conditioner Rental

But, what you might not know is that there are significant longer term costs that come with owning an AC. Here, price is not the only factor. The real price difference between renting or purchasing an air conditioner can be very small or even nonexistent. However, renting provides some form of insurance against risks such as equipment breakdown or failure – which could prove very costly.

Generally, an air conditioning rental company will schedule regular maintenance of rented AC as part of the basic rental contract. And in the event of a malfunction the service provider will promptly send trained technicians to repair the air conditioner on site. If it’s not possible to undertake repairs on site, the rental company usually will deliver a replacement at no extra cost to you – the renter. This benefit means that your day to day activities are not interrupted and there’s a minimum of productivity lost due to the breakdown.

Reduce Business Overheads and Increase Cash Flow with Air Conditioner Rental

Entering into a rental contract to utilize air conditioning equipment for a specified period of time allows you to enjoy the benefits of usage without the responsibility of ownership. This is particularly helpful when the need for an air conditioner is only temporary, such as during summer or when there is a heat wave.

Almost all mortar-and-brick businesses make use of air conditioners. In some instances, air conditioner rental expense may be the best accounting option where a new business or an established business has very little working capital. Rather than investing large amount of limited resources, renting air conditioners makes it possible to secure more up-to-date equipment and focus on the task of growing the business.

Save On Equipment Installation and Maintenance Costs with AC Rental

Air conditioner rental service providers typically offer free installation, repair and maintenance. By entering into a contract to utilize their equipment for a specified period of time, you can rest easy knowing that your rental air conditioners are properly installed, maintained and operating at peak efficiency. And if for some reason your rental AC does break down you will not be billed for the repair. The rental company owns the equipment and takes on the responsibility of maintenance, service and eventual replacement. Your job is just to pay for the equipment rental and then kick back with your favorite beverage in the cool breeze of the AC and enjoy the summer. Although, the weather is great during the summer, you never know what may happen so always make sure you have a backup power source that you can grab online to find a load bank tester for sale online.


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