Safe Shipping with a Pallet

shrink wrap a pallet

If you are going to ship goods with a pallet, you need to know how to secure the products effectively to minimize the risk of damage. There are a few simple things that you need to know in order to make this happen.

Select The Right Pallet

First of all, you need to select the right pallet for the items you are transporting. Never use a broken one or a pallet that has missing boards or protruding nails. Also, it needs to be large enough that nothing hangs over any of the sides. Strength is also essential. Check the load weight for it and use two if needed in order to be sure it does not break during transit.

Stack The Boxes Properly

Each of the boxes that are being shipped need to be properly packed and secured so that they will not bend or give way during shipment. Put the largest boxes on the bottom and work your way up with the smaller ones. Make certain that they are packed snug with the boxes on all sides.

You need to use pallet lining paper on the bottom of the load. Additionally, put a layer between every two or three layers of boxes that you are shipping. This will help to hold everything in place and ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

Use Proper Wrapping

The next step is to use strong bands in order to hold the packages in place. You may need to wrap under and around for maximum effectiveness. The more bands that you use, the more secure your items will be.

Industrial plastic pallet wrapping can then be used to wrap the entire pallet. Go around it several times, moving up and down so that every box has at least two layers of plastic holding it in place. Do not attempt to rush through this essential step. You can find proper pallet wrapping supplies at RT Agencies -

Don't Forget a Dust Cover Sheet

Lastly, you should top the entire load with a dust cover sheet. This will keep anything from falling into the cracks and crevices that remain. Also, some of these will provide a small amount of water protection as well.

When you are shipping multiple items or even a few large items with a pallet, it is absolutely essential that everything is put together well. This is the only way to keep the items safe. By following these steps, you should be able to get your items virtually anywhere without the risk of damage along the way.

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