Five Common Types of Roofing Shingles

When choosing the types of materials to use in roofing your house, you have a lot of factors to consider to make the right decision.

Among the factors are:

• Pros and cons of the roofing materials
• The cost of the roofing materials• Durability
• Weight, color, and style of the materials
• Skills required in installation

The following are some of the most commonly used roofing materials:

Asphalt Shingles

They are the most affordable roofing materials in the market today. As a result of their low prices, shingles are installed by many homeowners making them very attractive. Although Asphalt is fire resistant, it does not last longer after installation.

Tile Shingles

These are some of the most expensive roofing materials to purchase and install. The materials are very durable because they can last up to 50 years after installation. However, these materials are made naturally and hence they are very heavy such that they need an extra framework to support them. Tiles are very resistant to fire and wind making them a better choice.

Metal roofs

They are becoming very popular in this modern era. Some old metal materials that were used in roofing were having a lot of disadvantages related to their installation. For instance, the materials were noisy during rain; they rusted hence could not last longer. This is not the case with the advanced metal roofs. The most recent materials can be available in the form of Zinc, Aluminium, and Copper. These materials are durable, rust free and resistant to both wind and fire.

Wood Shingles

They are well known for their aesthetically appealing nature after installation. Wood shingles have a natural appearance which cannot be attained in any other roofing materials. The shortcoming of installing wood shingles is related to the formation of molds after sometimes weakening them. The shingles are not resistant to fire and require regular maintenance to last longer. If you are lucky and choose hardwoods e.g. Cedar, the roof can last longer to a period of about 30 – 50 years.

Slate Shingles

Slate roofing materials are obtained naturally from quarrying slate from the ground. These materials are so much popular in the North-eastern region of the United States of America because that’s where they are quarried mostly. They are extremely durable with their lifespan extending up to 50 years. Slate shingles are the best roofing materials you can choose to install in your home because they have very many benefits related to them.

Choosing roofing materials is not an easy task. It requires knowledge of the materials available, the location of your house, skills required and sometimes help from a professional roofer. We'd like to thank roof repair in Maple Ridge - for helping us gather information for this article. They were really helpful.