How To Choose New Kitchen Appliances On A Budget

This easy to follow checklist can help you make the best decisions about renovating your kitchen, a major undertaking for most homeowners especially when the cost of new kitchen appliances is a factor.

Appliances such as your fridge and oven should take up about 8 percent of your total budget; try not to allocate more than that.

If you don't move the major appliances in your kitchen that are already connected to electric, water and gas systems, you can potentially save between $4100 to $5,000. Renovate your island and cabinets around these existing appliances and locations.

It's cheaper to buy new appliances in neutral colors, such as beige or white and they also have the advantage of still looking up to date despite changing trends or preferences.

Your fridge should have at least an inch of space around the unit for ventilation, and it's important to reckon in that extra space when measuring for a new fridge.

Not only are stainless steel appliances resistant to rust and water, but they can actually increase the value of your property as about 75 percent of consumers favor stainless steel appliances over other finishes. Interested in stainless steel appliances, learn more here about the pros and cons of them.

Refrigerator shelving at a convenient eye level is one of the pluses of a bottom-freezer fridge, although it is generally cheaper to buy a top-freezer fridge. Something to consider when looking at fridges.

You can reckon on spending more on repairs for a fridge with a built-in ice or water dispenser than one without those features; it's worth asking do you really need that.

There are pros and cons of both electricity and gas when it comes to your new stove range. Gas models are typically more expensive, although they cook your food more quickly. Spilled liquids and dropped pots can potentially damage an electric range more than a gas range, but it is generally easier to clean up many of the newer electric models.

Choose a dishwasher that suits your routine. If you rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher, you may not need heavy duty cycle controls, whereas if you often wash large pan and pots, adjustable racks can be useful.

Don't worry too much about a difference of 100 watts of power when choosing a microwave as it doesn't make too much difference.

It's recommended to have a ventilation hood that's at least 3 inches larger than the surface it's fixed to, this ensures clean air.

Remember, it's worth negotiating on the often high cost of kitchen appliances, to potentially save up to $100.